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SIMplified Living Magazine

Soooo Elysian Skies - The Lumière Rainbowcy is featured! I am pretty stoked. I am sure there have been greater legacy readings out there who have been featured in loads of stuff. So I am kind of excited that this happened! :) I have known for some time and then BAM! issue one is already out! Nik and her crew have made a beautiful magazine as a whole though and I recommend anyone to read this because it's full of awesome ness. The writing, the stories, the features and the helpful tips are really refreshing! JUST CLICK ON THE MAGAZINE!

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1.11 (Onze)

Author's Note: Hahaha, thought I wasn't going to have one, did you? ;) WROOONG! You know I only do these to forewarn you all of my lame ness. Especially since I am tired, and prone to not using spell check properly! Also... I suck at controlling a lot of sims on one lot sooo there aren't any shots of the wedding/celebration/thingy and it's lovely guests. D: I am so sorry u___u! hrthrt

I looked over the papers once more, it was so frustrating to the point of bursting. At least that is how I thought my head would finally end up doing after so many years of searching over and over. I know that in this day and age that the system made things easier... and unfortunately harder. I am of course thankful I have Raz. He was put into the system at such a young age. He was grateful to at least end up with a decent family who brought him to AP. I couldn't even imagine what it would be like for him nor my sister...

It was immeasurable to even recount how many times I had tried to contact the adoption agencies in Sugar Valley, I even branched out to more Berry-less options like Bridgeport, and Sunset Valley, and then batted back to looking in Twizzlerbrook. The last option I had would be Hidden Springs, but my patience was running thin and every time I had no luck in finding Aurora I would give up. With the birth of the twins I had more than enough on my plate. My normal family was working out more than I could ever completely know and I was thankful for Raz every step of the way he was patient even though he had been through more than I could compare to.

My little Rouge soon grew into a teen having turned 16 not long ago, the girls were now eleven and were going to be teens soon. Rouge was keeping himself away, always hiding out in the barn. Granted it was Raz and I who agreed to allow him to harness his teen years and make a corner of the stables his own. I must have been slightly out of my mind then.

The girls were twins, but overall they were complete opposites. I was happy that I had Mysty around while we were both pregnant and even more grateful when Pyxie became so close to her little Lilac, and Thistle of course. Though I joked it many times before but I was sure those two were fated to marry. Alright, I suppose I am pretty nutty for a mother, but one has got to look out for her little girls!

As for my darling Sakura she finds that living on the ranch is the best thing there ever could be. Rosy just gave birth to another foal. Another strong willed, ornery colt that Raz let her name herself. I believe it's Kremlin Dusk. She has such imagination but doesn't seem to play well with others. But deep down I know she's just more like me than anything, though I grew up acting just like Pyx! And Rouge... I am just glad he still speaks to us when we aren't interrupting him with his, umm jam sessions or portraying ones thoughts and ideas. I am just happy it's not on the walls of the house! Am I really old? I can't even believe it myself...

I couldn't take much more of the muddling about the news clippings and files that were half offering of the information I needed. Looking out the window I watched the horses as they grazed in the spring afternoon. Ghost was getting so old, as was Rosy, and though they had just one foal he was ready for auction, but I kept pushing it to the side. I was content with just the small ranch we managed to keep together for the last 16 years...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"What is wrong with me? I should have been more mature and just apologized when I got all those letters from him. So many years have passed and I have no idea where he is Raz, I don't even know where to begin looking since the staff in Champs says he hasn't been there in at least 8 years." The words stumbled out of my mouth as if being pushed by the nausea that rocked within my stomach. I was so uneasy, and I was hitting my breaking point. I couldn't find anyone, not the answers I wanted, not even my sister, and especially not the father I swore to hate until his death.

For all I knew he was dead...

I heard Raz sigh, it wasn't selfish at all. I knew he had comforted me countless times, I was embarrassed. I was just lucky enough to know that he could handle my massive panic attacks with the most smoothest ease.

"Moony, you know what I think about this. But I know what you mean. I have thought many times of what my real parents might be like... " He began, it wasn't the first time he'd told me of his own helpless ness in which he was sure spanned from the loss of knowing a real, blood family or the "normal" life that everyone else seems to have. Good thing we were old enough to realize not everyone lived in Neverland...

I arose from the bed, and let out a very obvious sigh myself. "I am so sorry honey, I guess I am just worn thin.. those papers, and all those files the agencies could send over don't help at all."

"I know what will cure you from drowning yourself in this insane, and dulling sorrow." Raz rose up and wrapped his arms around my waist, twisting and stepping in front of me. I could feel almost like I was in my twenties again just with his touch, and at that moment I knew that I would be alright no matter what he said.

"Well what is that, Mr. Solves-It-All." I snickered and smirked, though quickly frown so as to tease him with my pouting.

"Well for one you shouldn't pout, your face will stay that way and I think I am undoubtedly in love with how it looks normally. Unless you're always this frowny?"

"Oh you have such a way with words, mister. No wonder I am so lucky to have you in my life..." I played a long, another pout soon followed.

"Moon, let's get married... I mean let's celebrate us? Just you, me, the kids, our friends. Maybe the whole town...?" His last few words were complete sarcasm but it only made me smile as he cupped my face in his warm hands.

"You might just be onto something Mr. Blunder."

"I thought I was Mr. Solves-It-All, who is this Mr. Blunder you speak of?!" I soon forgot about whatever piles of nonsense were down in the dining room. Raz was the bringer of peace, and definitely the tamer of the insane. At least whatever I was, he tamed it within his arms and held onto me until he was sure I was alright. My mind now turned onto spending time making my family happy, and planning this small event.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

At last, my love has come along
My lonely days are over

And life is like a song
Oh, yeah, at last

The skies above are blue
My heart was wrapped up in clovers

The night I looked at you
I found a dream that I could speak to

A dream that I can call my own
I found a thrill to rest my cheek to

A thrill that I have never known
Oh, yeah when you smile, you smile

Oh, and then the spell was cast
And here we are in heaven

For you are mine
At last

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Thank you for coming, I know we didn't really plan such a big event but all that matters are the people who are here, or the ones hiding out on the dance floor or well pigging out at the buffet!" Raz spoke up, laughing at his own joke as everyone either gave him an odd look or laughed along with him as well. Not many showed up but it wasn't really the point.

"I know Moon and I have been together for ages now, and have three beautiful berryific children who are growing up way too fast," I noticed my Rouge a long with his date over towards the curtained dance floor, blushing though only a mother could tell. "I hope everyone just enjoys this evening with us, to celebrate love, or whatever you might call this silly thing we're in." He looked over at me and then back to the small crowd. My eyes wandered the seats, smiling over at the girls and my dearest friend Mysty.

But the stranger near the gates caught my attention, and for a moment I thought it could be my mother... of course it wasn't.

But honestly her presence held my attention as Raz's voice faded from my mind while he continued to perform tongue and cheek jokes for our guests on such a beautiful evening.

I squeezed his hand, he looked over himself and smiled. Had he perhaps planned this? I wasn't sure but he ended his little speech and nodded to me as if saying I should see who it might be. As for him he joined Winks in a very manly and brotastic hug and off they wandered in search of Tyrian... sports talk awaited I suppose. My mission now was to approach our unexpected guest.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I walked up the lighted pathway, smiling so as not to be rude. Then again she was kind of interrupting the best night of my life besides those when my children were born. But I mentally slapped myself from thinking harshly, my stomach turnign over and over and butterflies ceased to exist within.

"How can I help you?" I asked gingerly.

"Uuhh... I am so sorry I interrupted, this must have been a mistake, I shouldn't have come here like this." The woman spoke in short, almost wavering tones unsure of what she should be saying.

My eyes traced the outline of her face, the light dancing across her features from the setup of the celebration must have been playing with my eyes because I could swear she was my twin... granted she had a completely different hair color, and definitely no freckles unlike myself.. but her eyes... something about them struck familiar.

"It's fine, I tried to calm her. No harm done, just can I help you in any way?" I asked once more, trying to figure out her confusion with her.

"My.. my name is Aurora.. and I think I am supposed to be here, I got an invitation. Raz told me that I needed to be here, though I am very much confused. He said that Cane would explain everything. He even reassured me that this is where I needed to be on this night. But.. it just seems..." her voice trailed, "seems like I interrupted something."

I was stoned... I couldn't move, I was pretty sure I was going to die right then and there, some fortunate meteorite was bound for my soul and if I were to just stand there like I was I was sure it was going to take me. At least what this woman was saying seemed to have such an affect over me.

"Excuse me? Aurora?" I blinked a few times, I am sure my mouth was wide open, perhaps even drooling a bit from lack of lifting my shock up with it.

"Yes? Aurora, Aurora Lily Sorbet." She announced to me proudly, continue in a more frilly voice, indeed very polished from what I could make out between my stunned spasms. "It was Whippet, though I suppose that is my adoptive name... given would be Lumière, though I suppose I only found that out most recently." She must have already gone through her initial shock phase and did not mind that I hadn't spoken in all this time she continued to chit chat about herself. It was all very pleasant though.

"Oh my I am sorry, I guess this is a bit of a surprise for you. I mean... you look just like your picture, and Cane told me all about you, and our mother and the things that happened here at Elysian Skies.. I guess I am still a bit in Lala Land myself." She smiled though it was unsteady and a bit nervous, I couldn't blame her I bet I looked like some kind of strange dream to her.

"I can't, but I can.. I mean I have been looking. And looking for so long. I can't believe you're right here." I looked at her face with even more intensity. I definitely knew there was something about those eyes, I knew right away that they just had to be my father's. Our father's...

"Yes, well I am, and I really hope I am not interrupting, it's just your husband... had talked to Cane and had this planned out, I only thought that you knew already. In the end though I think more than anything I am just kind of thankful to finally be here." She sheepishly looked down, though she were much more older than me her personality was that of a gentle soul, completely opposite of my worn out and quite on the pessimistic side soul.

"You're more than welcome to be here," I said as calmly as I could, tears brimming my lower lashes but they weren't alone as I noticed through her cheerful expressions and quirky personality that her own eyes had grown a bit wet with joy.

"I just would like to see our father as well, has he come back with you?" I asked in hopes that there was a man waiting to pop out from behind her, or show up at any moment. But no such thing happened.

"Don't worry Moon," her words comforted the butterflies frantically flying within my stomach. "He'll join us soon enough. And Moon... he knows you're sorry." And with that she brought me into her arms and we embraced, no knowledge of the world around us as we rejoiced in the world of miracles, and chance happenings. Though I had just finally met her, I knew I could trust her, she is my big sister after all...

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1.10 (Dix)

Author's Note: Well hello dears. I suppose this might be one of my shortest chapters yet... and I know it doesn't really spark much excitement buuut don't you worry I will make sure there is a whole slew is goodies in the future. I might even have to get unlazy and so specials. Q___Q This chapter is full of odds and ends, I think. Like a course that just kind of skips time and such. I also played with my pictures, I want to try for bigger and more vibrant ones sooo some are my "normal" sized ones and some are just slightly bigger LMAO! And I might have even pressed some wrong buttons. OH WELL! ;E I suppose I need to open that creative part of my mind a bit more.


It seemed like ages passed before Raz was allowed to come home. Months of physical therapy, and healing. It weighed down on both of us especially with Rouge just being born at that time. He couldn't wait to hold him, he hadn't been allowed until Dr. Pitkins had allowed it. I suppose you could say it fell short of torture to not allow a man to hold his own child. But Raz fought tooth and nail to heal up the best he could... of course you can never get rid of some scars.

"You should be careful, you know what Dr. Pitkins would say..." I spoke softly as my eyes looked on at Raz holding onto Rouge with what seemed like steady arms. But I suppose being his mother my maternal instincts waivered but only slightly. I could trust Raz, I had only hope for him...

"Yah, I do know, he'd probably look at me sternly and say I will throw my back out like I was some sixty year old nut." He imitated the good doctor, shifting his weight I flinched a little.

"Don't worry about it Moon, you never have to worry again, I am home." A smile played on his lips though I had really began to unravel the mystery while he was held up in that private hospital.

"Remember what I was saying about the journal?" I brought up perhaps another subject that was just as discerning as the previous.

"Yes?" He asked, "Are you going to at least contact Cane? Perhaps he might know where she is?" He suggested.

I was hesitant, "I.. I tried, actually. No word from him at all." I began to walk away from the crib, Raz following my lead, though with a slight limp.

"Well perhaps it's just the mail, you know how they can be!" He tried to cheer me up, I know it and it was quite sweet of him but I wasn't sure how to really respond.

"Yah, I know. But you know perhaps it's the best that I don't explore this... I am not sure what to really think. After reading that I realized my mother was just running away... from me." I know I was sounding rather whiny by this point, but having said this over and over in my head I guess it could have only been me.

"That's isn't true at all..." Raz began, I knew he was searching for words, I know he must have seen it those months ago and never choose to bring it up. "Perhaps she just wanted to bring your family together? Maybe that's why you shouldn't put this off."

"I just don't want to right now... I just want to take care of you, Rouge... and the HORSES!" I shrilly ended making sure he understood how frustrating it all might be.

"Oh, I take it you couldn't juggle it all? Missed me did you? Well honey, the man is back... and I think I can handle just about anything you throw at me." He was truly amazing, amazingly stubborn and high on his horse!

"Ooooh that's what you think, but just wait and see what this little guy can get into... I am pretty sure I can take care of three horses blindfolded but this little guy seems to really stretch my super abilities." I laughed, only feeling a bit cheered up. For now I pushed them deep down inside myself, into a void that I knew I always had and perhaps one day I was going to fill it or explore it.

"I think right now this little guy needs some sleep, as for mommy and daddy... I think we might have to expand this little ranching family!" Raz joked, slyly winking at me and bringing me out of my dazed and far away look.

"I think you need rest..." I tried to mother him, "and take care of yourself, I don't want to strain what you have left!"

"Well you know dear, you never know when the next berryhole is going to cut my breaks. And you look like you need some more of me in your life, if you know what I mean." Oh he was a sly one, charm never ceased to break even through all the scars I could still see him underneath. I still could see my Raz...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I feel so close to you right now
It's a force field
I wear my heart upon my sleeve, like a big deal

Your love pours down on me, surround me like a waterfall
And there's no stopping us right now
I feel so close to you right now

And there's no stopping us right now

And there's no stopping us right now

And there's no stopping us right now

I feel so close to you right now...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Quite some time had passed, and Rouge was a bundle of joy, energy and all around my little star. I could tell he really observed the world around him. Especially the horses... Zephyr was as small as a yearling but he had just as much spunk as my little Rouge! With the passing of time it was only habitual for us to be out in the paddocks. Getting back to the normal seemed fitting.

There even seemed to be a budding relationship between Rouge and Ripple. From the time Rouge could crawl, walk, hide, or even tumble, Ripple was there.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And not too long after Rouge was beginning to get wee bit older, I knew that Raz and I were destined to have more children. I suppose it was fate, but it was also a good time for Winks and Amethyst as well. Amazing how close we all became when Puck ran off... yet his fate is still undetermined but overall I grow stronger each day with Raz by my side... with the friends I have met, or the ones that will always stay with me.

And time flew by... memories of that horrible year vanished with each sguary smile from my little boy. And soon enough he was introduced to his twin sisters, Sakura Gypsum my shy little snowpea, and Pyxie Rose my spirited little diva! Winks and Mytsy had twins as well Lilac Swirl has the most adorable dimples, her brother is no sweeter than pie itself ... perhaps one day I was going to make sure we were truly bound to be family!

Until then though I had to face one more thing, finding my father and figuring out who Aurora could be... what she would be like. Perhaps I could have just a little more of my mother if I could bring it altogether. After these years hiding myself away and raising the strongest little family I just knew that I could handle whatever mess my mother left behind, and perhaps I could give a bit of history to the little berries I am raising now. Though some paths have been lost, or forgotten new ones always appear and thus begins even more adventure...

The song where Moon and Raz are in bed. ;)

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Dear Awesome Simmers

Author's Note-esque: Sooo welcome to the new blog. I am so so sorry for the crazy inconvenience if there is any at all. D: I really love wordpress but at the same time I was greatly restricted and wasn't sure how to cope with not being able to do more. Then again I have found blogger/blogspot also has its own faults that I am not very happy with but at least I am able to do things with the layout (ish) than with wordpress! I am not trying to convert anyone else, I just have had a few blogger/blogspots for random things and so when I wanted to spruce up my layout before chapter ten... (I am also just lazy/procrastinating the chapter) I just thought to myself that wordpress really had shit options for users. So here we are... :) I am sure I will continue to bitch and moan and find something wrong... and I have a lot to learn with this template use, but overall it's rather easy. There are just a few things that require some code rather than just being optional. But it always helps me to refresh myself on using html rather than just be given the option! ^____^;;!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for putting up with me, and my nonsense and I hope that I can get this chapter out, and get rollin' into generation two. <3


1.9 (Neuf)

Author's Note: Soo I just wanted to make a quick note, the blurred out photos might be a little confusing. It's just flashes and imagination of what might of happened for the events in the beginning. :E <3 Song is "In my Arms" by Plumb, btw. I technically changed blues to "greys" just a heads up! Also I apologize that I was going to make this a pretty long chapter but since I have been kind of busy lately it's kind of short, but alas I hope you enjoy!

Your baby greys, so full of wonder

Your curly cues, your contagious smile

And as I watch, you start to grow up

All I can do is hold you tight

The words left my lips in a soft, whispering lullaby as I held onto Rouge. In essence he was the only thing keeping me going since his birth, and since that day I found out Raz wasn't going to be there.

At least for a little bit longer...

I rocked my little berry in my arms as I thought about the events that occurred from that special, though tragic day.

It seemed like a lifetime had already passed and my heart ached, longed and felt so much loss simultaneously. Raz had improved so much in the months that had slowly crawled by. I would take Rouge up there as often as I could with Amethyst or Periwinkle. I hadn't realized that on one occasion I would have to face more than just heartache but the reality of my past and what I was running from...

Puck, my father, myself.

They were the three most unfortunate things in my life to date.

The day Winks came to me, the authorities at his side, telling me how they had decided to put a protective duty at the ranch since Puck had confessed to a bewildered Coco of his plots and schemes to win me back. Win me back? It was pathetic but had Puck written all over it. Cutting Raz's breakline, and trying to wedge himself into my life even if I turned him down over and over. I guess he knew where to hit, and he had hit it with impeccable force. I sank down that night realizing I must have done something to deserve this or else my life wouldn't be in shambles like it was now.

Knowing clouds will rage in

Storms will race in

But you will be safe in my arms

Rains will pour down

Waves will crash around

But you will be safe in my arms

At least Rouge was my sweet sunshine, my little berry who effortlessly won my heart though everything around me seemed as if it were crumbling. I rocked him still, until he  fell asleep and my thoughts wandered back even more.

Where had I gone wrong? Running away from home, finding things in Bridgeport that I probably should have never found. Love, heartbreak, dust, and fake berries. I guess when you're on the other side of it all you can't tell who might be taking advantage of you. Even when they kick you down, I only got up when I thought about my mom. She died in an accident and I blamed my father as if he were a stranger to me. But why did I do that, especially when I now know the truth behind it all.


Are full of fairy tales

Of kings and queens

And the bluest skies

My heart is torn just in knowing

You'll someday see

The truth from lies

I laid Rouge down... picked up my old Fender acoustic and strummed my finger tips slowly across the strings. I couldn't wait till this nightmare was over but for now I just needed to keep dreaming for him...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I heard a knock at my door, and the chills crept down my spine all to familiar. I only got this feeling when I knew something was off, and just wasn't right. Who would it be at this hour?

"Winks?" I asked solemnly.

"Moon.. Tyrian knows a few guys who are gonna hang out around here and watch out for you, alright?" His voice was stern and full of distress.

"What do you mean? What guys?" I looked past him as two gentleman made their way up to the house. Oh those guys...

"Puck's missing, and I know we only just found out what he is capable of, I want you and the baby to be safe until Raz gets better. I am going to stay here, no objections." His tone never deterring.

"I.. uh.. yah, yah come in." I looked down, my gut pinged with the slightest bit of guilt. It must be so hard for him to know that his brother could be a high risk fugitive, capable of nearly murdering someone. I guess I could believe it if I thought about all those shady nights in Bridgeport, or those times where my snide remarks were met with Puck's backhand.

Winks moved past me slowly, going first into the den and looking around as if he wanted to make sure it was safe. I gave the gentlemen one last look before I closed the door behind me. It was all so surreal. And all we could do was play out our parts. So we settled in that night, holding up in the living room as Rouge slept soundly upstairs. I eyed the baby monitor just to make sure I wasn't hearing things. As long as he doesn't go for my little berry, then Puck would easily just be caught and put in jail for the rest of his miserable berry life.

"He's getting so big, he definitely takes after both of you." Winks spoke up after moments of pretending to read a book. I guess it was my constant eyeing of the monitor that he knew I needed to be distracted.

"I think he looks so much like Raz... I mean granted he has my eyes but those aren't exactly that dazzling. But on him everything is." I cooed and smiled, subconscious reactions. At least Winks knew what to say to really get my mind off things. I couldn't even begin to believe how young we still were yet how old we both must of felt at that moment.

"He'll be almost grown in no time and we'll all be old." Winks laughed as if he read my mind, he put the book down, slipping it in between him and the chair. It must have caught me by surprise but in that moment I realized I had forgotten all about my mother's journal. It was months ago when Raz found it and I can't believe I never thought to take it.

I moved over and began to search the cushion, and sure enough it was there albeit a little more bent on the edges.

"What is that?" Winks asked, I guess my strange sudden actions alerted his curiosity.

"It's my mother's!" I exclaimed, tossing him the most surprised look myself. "Raz actually found it moooonths ago. I guess I just didn't really think to read it, actually I forgot all about the damn thing." I looked over its cover, feeling it's age in the roughness of it in my hands.

"Crazy, well I guess while you indulge yourself I can practice at changing diapers." Winks laughed as we both looked at the baby monitor and could hear the faint sound of groaning coming from it.

"Oh Winks, you don't have to, I am clearly capable of being a wonderful mom... but if you insist." It was the first time I had allowed someone else to help me with taking care of Rouge, especially since Raz couldn't be home just yet. I suppose it was easy to let down my defenses with Winks... no matter what crazy berry was his sibling.

So I did indulge as he made his way up the stairs. But all I did was stare for many moments, thinking of what I could possibly find in here. Teenage dreams? No, I don't think it was that old, so I flipped open the first page and skimmed it. No it was dated from when I was about ten. I truly took Winks' words to heart and I slowly began to feel old and decrepit at the thought of how I was getting now.

With those thoughts aside I read the first handful of pages, it was mostly about the ranch life here with dad and I. Well lack of dad, but I guess it wasn't news to me.. I felt her sorrow that he wasn't there but then something else slapped me with reality. An affair my mother subtly wrote about, but I couldn't believe it. Perhaps it was just my eyes playing tricks on me or even just my mind.

No, no it wasn't some affair... it was even more gut-retching as my eyes hastily went from one word to the next, frantically trying to figure out what my mother was trying to write about so long ago.

The tears were hot on my cheeks, I hadn't realized I was crying until I heard Winks' footsteps behind me.

"Moon?" His voice was raised with concern as he looked down at me. "Moony, are you okay? What is it?" He began to go towards the door, "was he here? Did he call?"

"No, no stop... it's okay. I mean..." I called out as I knew he was going for the two gentlemen outside. "Winks, it's okay I am just... I was reading." I looked up slowly from the book while he made his way back into the den.

"What happened? What did you read?" He asked.

"I have a sister..." was all I could muster out, in sheer disbelief myself. "I have... a sister." I repeated it but with more confidence. "I can't believe she kept this from me. I can't believe I hated him all these years for... for what?" I rambled, shaking my head and putting my face into my hands as I rose up. Winks met me and embraced me.

"Moon, calm down. It's been a really rough few months just take a few breathes... let's just relax." He assured me as we sank down into the couch once more. The book had fallen from my hands and landed on the floor when I had got up. I now looked at it with a solemn gaze, my body shuddering to hold back my surprised tears. Oddly enough a smile grew on my lips.