Saturday, March 3, 2012

2.1 (Douze)

Author's Note: There is adult language in my entries, so please be cautious! I hope you all forgive me, at some point for taking forever to get ANYTHING to you. >.< It's just been a rather odd January/February! And then patch is surprisingly amazing! My game hasn't been this fast since I took out ALL of Nraas' mods. But atm I am just running with MC, MCCheats, Debugger, Overwatch. I think those are the only ones I Have in at this time. I do want to have Story Progression again, but it'll have to wait and for now, I am not too much at a loss with it. :) This might be a short chapter, but I hope it starts off Rouge good enough ish! LOL

"What do you think about Peaches?" I asked, my eyes fixated on the canvas as I let my brush slide across its slightly textured surface.

"What?" Nana asked, not even caring to look up from her book. "What are you talking about Rouge? Why can't you just let me study?" She glanced up just a moment before pretending to read further.

"Like you really enjoy Ms. Engleberry's class. You know you're just happy I have to endure those lectures with you." I snickered and straightened my posture. Tilting my head a bit I looked at the long streak of color I just placed, quite ridiculous I thought to myself.

"Well what do you mean about Peaches?" I could hear the smug tone but it was only because I knew both girls had some kind of 'history' in the past.

"Well you know, I was thinking of asking her to prom. I mean since you know, she's kind of hot. Right?" My head tilted the opposite direction now, that single bit of color just throwing me off, but I guess red just wasn't really my mood at the moment.

"Hah! You think everything that has two legs and even smiles at you is hot."

"Not so, I am just in need of someone to you know... help me out." I grew sick of the nearly blank canvas and tossed a begrudged look in Menagerie's direction.

"Eww, don't make me throw this assignment at you Rouge, you know I would do it in a heartbeat, you sicko." I could hear the laughter though and gave a quick smirk at her. "Especially with her, I am sure she has something and you probably don't want it."

"Girls, I don't quite understand them."

"Then why am I here?" Again with such a smug tone!

"Well because you're more like a guy!" I knew for sure I was going to get it this time, so I quickly ducked. It must have been too soon because she always knew my tricks and waited till I dared look up and then it hit me. Literally.

"Hah! I hope you enjoyed that, from me annnnd Ms. Engleberry!" Nana curled a bit of laughter around her words as the book came hurdling at me, it's flat surface meeting with my forehead.

"What do you think you're doing?! Trying to ruin these good looks?!" I arrogantly joked, and attempted to get closer to my bed. Finally reaching it as she slide to the side and sat up.

"Just think of it as working the kinks out for you, and that pretty little face of yours Rourou!" Her voice laced in sarcasm as she pushed me over slightly.

"I think I might ask her, I don't know... maybe Pansy would go." I looked everywhere but at Nana, feeling almost a blush on my cheeks. I knew deep down I blew at anything girl related, I don't even know why I was bringing this up in front of Nana. Oh Nana how you've put up with such a snark like me.

"First of all, you probably should be working on a different letter of the alphabet, and secondly... you definitely need someone else's advice." She stuck her tongue out at me and got up to gather her backpack and stuff together.

"What are you doing?"

"I have to go get Star, you know that even though she can drive she definitely sucks at it, so I need to get her from drama club." She scoffed, fumbling to shove everything into the knapsack.

"Oh. Oh yah." I zoned out momentarily, Stardust was Menagerie's twin sister.. almost completely identical and one of the most popular students at our high school. Strange how things work out for people who look exactly alike. Nearly the same person on the outside but complete opposites. My mind wandered and I soon thought about how I used to have such a crush on Star... then again fourteen was only a couple of years in my past.

"Rouge? Rouge....?" I couldn't hear her at all, but I definitely felt the smack to my forehead. "Rouge, fucking wake up, geez."

"Uhh, what? Sorry just yah... I will see you tomorrow, kay? I can maybe hang tomorrow afternoon..." I said a bit unsure, "I just have to pick up Kura and Pyx... I think."

"You can never remember anything, can you?"

"What? Whatever, you're the one that cheats off me, remember?!"

"I do not!" Another smack to the forehead.

I quickly tried to dodge the ones after that of course, "hey now! Oh and say hi to your sister for me, yah?" I winked.

"Ughh, you're such a freak Rouge." And with that I watched as my best friend took off out of the door. I laughed to myself quietly before looking over at the canvas once more. "Fuuuuuck. Why am I so blocked lately?"

I moved slowly to the easel and stared a moment. "Man girls, what the berry are they doing to my art?!" I thought out loud and picked up my brush once more, frustration got the better of me and before long the brush was sent across the open area of the garage that I had made into my little hole in the wall. "Maybe these things come with instructions." I spoke to myself as I went to gather it up, "then again I doubt something as complicated as those really do." I laughed and headed out the door, it was dinner time I was sure of it. At least my stomach was telling me it was.

I see the light!

I see the light at the end of the tunnel! I can finally make it out of this fog and hopefully get back to twisting the lives of the Lumière generations! I am thrilled to tell whoever is listening that I won the non-eliminating modeling competition, hosted by Rawr2019 (Nik), Unleashed! It was a great time, and I was so happy to share the experience with the others in the competition whether or not it was non-eliminating or eliminating! As for the Lumière family I had to do some save saving. LOL Well I had to unfortunately take all the horses and put them on another lot. (Don't worry they are with Winks and his growing family on their little farm~!) I had to do this because each time I was getting into the save for the last handful of times, I was having difficulties getting any shots and then I would get an error that would force close the game. The lot was pretty bogged down. Embarrassing to admit I need to go through my CC, and that my laptop just can't handle it all sometimes. ;___; Oh well. I will try my best to get the horses back, since well... I love the MLP (My Little Ponies) and the story was started with them! Here are some of the screens, perhaps not very revealing, and perhaps very revealing! :) Just a few, so hopefully they will still wet your appetite to come back ;___;!

I am also making this entry to post the 8 photos for Nik's magazine, SIMplified Living Magazine. If you remember, the Lumière Rainbowcy had an article in there! Which also made me extremely happy! Before I post I want to say a BIG congrats to DYLON and to Reiya for being second and third in the competition and for being extremely creative!

I present Beatrice Octavius Oona Burberry III, Boo! From the beginning to the end! :) Model Sheet ~ Assignment One through Four plus the Golden Assignments inbetween!