About & Rules

Please note that I have not been following my own rules. (of course)! But I do make these reference though I did assume my heirs might stay on the ranch, but ultimately they probably won't. So to make the story flow the ranch will be apart of the first generation but after that it's hit or miss. But of course Elysian Skies is always going to be in the family. ;)


I am not quite sure where to begin, I guess I got inspired by all the Rainbowcys as well as the 50 Foal challenges. Then again this isn't going to be quite like a 50 foal goal. More or less I am just using both in certain ways. I always wanted to do a Rainbowcy, all those magical, fun colors throughout generations of a legacy, who could pass that up? I can't promise you that I will keep up with this challenge, since it's more personal than anything. I just really wanted to let you all in on the secret? :E First off if you want to know what a legacy is, the general rules can be found here. If you'd like to know about a Rainbowcy, the rules may be found here. And for a 50 Foal challenge you can find them here! It's taken me a little bit of time to really think up some creative names for my founder, and some of the characters I will slowly introduce throughout her story, so I hope they aren't too cheesy! My goal is to play out a Rainbowcy legacy family, the foundress being Moon Spark Lumière. Her story will unfold as she sets out to take over her father's small ranch in Appaloosa Plains since he has grown ill and taken leave for Champs les Sims. The goal in mind is to have different colors throughout each generation. I first wanted neon colors, but I guess that idea will have to be for another Rainbowcy! The horses that Moon is taking care of on the ranch will be, well let's just say "a horse of a different color" so to speak! Each foal should be different and thusly bred with another color until they too go through at least 10 generations of pastels. :3 I can't promise you this will be entertaining but I will try my best to bring a whole new twist to the two challenges. I am not sure if anyone else out there has thought of this idea, or is even attempting it since Sims 3 Pets was released, if not I hope I can inspire others to do something similar! I personally call this my Rainbowcy/MLP Legacy. MLP standing for, of course, My Little Pony! They were always fun when I was a child and to allow my imagination to soar and get creative with the horses in Pets will only bring me giddy happiness! I grew up around horses and sooooo to add to the obvious I just want to enjoy them in Sims 3 as well!

Okay, okay! I am sorry I keep going off on random tangents! I just hope you get a kick out of this idea, or give me some more inspiration! If this catches on maybe I will make separate rules, and/or guidelines. :) Happy simming!

Thank you for reading, enjoy!

Side notes: All links provided were either Googled, or I knew where they were. There are many variations of each challenge, I am sure, and if you find different ones you can use those! And by all means share with me, so that I have a broader idea! Later I will most likely have a page for all different sorts of links for everyone! :3


Well, they aren't really rules but guidelines I think. At least personally I wouldn't want them to be too strict so I am going to post the links for a Rainbowcy and for the 50 Foal Challenge. I know, again! >. And then post my version of the two, or well my "MLP" or My Little Pony/My Colorful Pony version.

A Rainbowcy is a legacy that, from all that I have read, follows a color wheel of sorts. The colors aren't necessarily strict, you can go by whichever shades you'd like. Most of the time the founder/foundress is of a neutral color, i.e. grey, white, black. Usually from my understandings this type of legacy continues it's roots from the legacy rules and going from generation one to generation ten. Sometimes people will end with black, sometimes not, depending on the story! My friend Lynnwood from the Sims 3 forum is following a DITFT challenge with her Rainbowcy which entitles her to go to or try for sixteen generations!!

If you want to do your Rainbowcy with a challenge I suggest going here! A lot of people have posted their own challenges and maybe you'd like to infuse yours with something else as well! On a separate page I will list some great Rainbowcy reads among other challenges and stories other people have put out there! I know everyone is familiar with berrypie27 on the Sims 3 forums and a lot of "Berry Sims" were created by her, she states her Rainbowcy was started on her forum thread after she hopped onto the bandwagon after WhenOxenFly started hers, a long with others. I guess I haven't exactly pinpointed where it all originated but I know that a lot of people make use of Berry Sims, which have all sorts of funky, cute names... mostly named for fruits, veggies, desserts, sweets, you name it!

The 50 Foal Challenge was officially posted by SIMyth who is so very sweet to have thought up such a wonderful challenge when Pets was released in mid October. SIMyth has listed a lot of stories to other 50 Foal Challenges, if you're interested so don't miss out on the pony goodness!

Now for the plat principal, or the MAIN COURSE! I don't want to name it My Little Pony legacy or rainbowcy, but perhaps the My Colorful Pony legacy or rainbowcy. I am open to any suggestions as to an official name! :) For now I will just MLP/MCP it up... as cheesy as that sounds. (I also personally liked the use of "a horse of a different color" rainbowcy)!

» Founder/Foundress should be a neutral color, i.e. grey, white, or black if you'd like to start there!

» You will go through your legacy/rainbowcy like a rainbow this includes both your Sim and their horses, you don't have to set the goal to 50 for the horses, I will only be having a couple of foals per Sim generation before selling/giving away adult horses and I doubt in the end it will be 50 though it might! (Note: make those horses as unique as possible)!

» You may choose to sell, give away, etc each foal as it ages up into adulthood. Do not give away/sell a foal. (Alternate: You can sell a foal but only IF it achieves a trained trait such as 'fast'.)  This rule was taken from SIMyth's 50FC.

» If you use cheats, like I do most of the time, then use them. (I actually got these from one of the 100 BC rules since it seems a little easier when making a story, at least from my prospective.)

» OR don't use cheats, that means no money cheats, or mood cheats!

» Your Sims main goal is to live to breed these colorful ponies and with that comes making sure they are always taken care of so no jobs for your Sims! They can make money by angling, painting, writing, etc.

» You can choose ANY lot size, premade, or you can make one yourself especially if you are using any money cheats! Or build your ranch up from the ground like in the legacy challenge.

»  Yes you may go to Edit Town and create more households for the town (with or without animals/horses) but your are NOT allowed to change the active household at any time. (Taken from SIMyth's 50FC)

» Each foal should have a different sire (father). Or dam (mother) if your horse is male. I.e. if Ghost Buster and Rosy Starling have a few foals than they are sold/given away before bringing in a new sire or a new sire is brought in regardless for the next generation, preferably of a different color to go with your Rainbowcy! Keep in mind the limit of pets that are allowed with the lot and if that might sway how many are in your Sims household as well. :)

» If you want to start out with two horses, or three go for it! Or start with one and breed, adopt, etc! I just chose to start with two since I need them for the story, but I will watch my limit on how many I keep altogether. Like I already said, probably only two foals per generation before selling/giving away adult horses.