I have decided to make a page that I might even use for downloads of the characters introduced into the story. Also just a little bit of refresher for whoever might not know who is who and can kind of put it together! :) It won't have just one generation of characters so I will try to title these as accordingly as possible! I will only introduce/place whoever might already be introduced into the story, no revealing surprise characters! :E

Moon Spark Lumière - Moon is our  generation one founder, who just got back from Bridgeport after a major falling out with her life. Leaving her friends who were in a band with her (Coco & the Pops) and making her way back home, thankful that her father isn't at the old ranch either. She's starting off rather rough with generation one, but perhaps she can overcome all the obstacles that are being placed in her way!

Razzmatazz Blunder - Raz is one of the first people to encounter Moon, and deal with her shakey attitude towards trusting and opening up to others. He'll be a major player once the story progresses. He's a handsome ranch hand who has been requested to look over the ranch, or perhaps more than just that?

Puckleberry Punch - Puck is introduced as just the bad ex, but soon you'll be seeing a more different side of him. Whether it's good or evil, is still yet decided but for now he's been nothing but a bitter taste in Moon's mouth, and life!

Coco Fizz Soda - Coco is the founding lead to Coco & the Pops, she put the band together when they were late teens, running from home. The members included herself, Moon, Puck and Puck's younger brother, Periwinkle. She has been known to be immature, childish and snobbish, let's see if this bitchy streak will continue to keep her in the antagonist lineup!

Periwinkle Punch - Winks, as most call him, is Puck's younger, more calmer brother. We haven't seen what he's capable of yet, whether he'll be a reoccurring friends or foe!

Tyrian & Amethyst Mango-Lotus - These two are siblings and close friends to Periwinkle, Moon and Raz. They are introduced in the middle of generation one when Winks is attempting to hook up with Amethyst while her brother is the agent for Coco & the Pops.

Quincy Miller and the Miller Family - Quincy has been friends with Moon's father, Cane, for the longest as she could remember. Their families both breed horses and showed them as well. He's there to help Moon whenever he can, even being a second father to her as she remembers. He is, so far, the only non-Berry to be introduced into the story.

Cane "Shug" Lumière - Cane, or better know as Shug to some of his friends is Moon's father who has been in Champs le Sims since the beginning of this story. He's written her dozens of times but she hasn't seemed to put any thought to caring, assuming he's behind the death of her late mother, Luna. He is of French decent, and only half Berry, and the owner of many estates including the ranch, Elysian Skies.

Luna Orchid Lumière - Moon's late mother, any information on her isn't exactly known. Not even in the story just yet, her death still a mystery to readers!

Ghost Buster - Ghost is the foal of Gleaming Whisper, Moon's old mare before she had ran away. Ghost is white stallion that Moon will be taking care of more throughout generation one.

Rosy Starling - Rosy is new to the ranch, she's a very unique horse indeed, with a very different coat color, it's hinted she might be Raz's or Quincy's mare.

Zephyr Star - The first foal to Elysian Skies in some time, dam is Rosy Starling, stud is Ghost Buster.

Lil' Ripple - Ripple is Raz's small terrier mix that comes along with the ride as Raz moves in with Moon at the Elysian Skies Ranch.

I am going to try and get more people in on this story, and if anyone wants to donate some berries, lemme have 'em! <33